Blue light glasses can help headaches, better sleep and lessen tension.

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Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you have generally poor sleep? Do you experience headaches or tension after a day interacting with your computer, smartphone, tablet and TV? Read here how Blue light glasses may help you.

Why is sleep is important?

Many people experience poorer sleep and have difficulty falling asleep. Fundamentally, sleep is one of the most important factors for our health and well-being. Good sleep increases regeneration of skin, skin cells, muscle rebuilding, healing from injuries, cognitive and physical performance, concentration, and much more.

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What is Blue light?

Blue light is a type of visible high energy light. You’re exposed to Blue light daily, and the exposure has been exponentially increasing in recent years (1). In today’s society, you are constantly exposed to Blue light. This is due to the prevalence and daily exposure to smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs.


The connection between Blue light, sleep, and headaches?

Many people look at their smartphones or tablets before going to sleep. The emission of the Blue light from your electronic devices tricks the brain into thinking it is day and not night (2). This means that the brain’s natural sleep-wake cycle is disrupted, which can then have negative effects on your health.

If you work or study in front of a screen, you may be overexposed to Blue light. Your eyes work overtime by focusing, looking shifting your view on the screen. Many people experience fatigue, decreased concentration and headaches during or after working or studying. When your eyes are working so hard every single day for many hours, then this can manifest itself in the neck, shoulder, and other tensions. This in itself is uncomfortable and can later develop into chronic pain.

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Tips against Blue light

The first thing you can do is put away electronic devices before bedtime. It sounds really simple but is more difficult than it seems. For many, this is not realistic in today’s society.

There are programs and apps you can download that automatically adjust the color and brightness of your screen. If you’ve seen a smartphone or computer with an orange filter, you know what it looks like.

• Get a night reading lamp that uses red or orange light.
• Go out and get plenty of daylight.
• Take breaks from electronic devices during the day.

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Blue light glasses

Blue light eyewear providers have been very successful in recent years. The Blue light glasses work by reducing exposure to Blue light. By reducing the exposure of Blue light, your eyes relax more, you become less tense, and to a lesser extent confuse the brain’s sleep-wake cycle.

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